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We are ladies from Finland, Scandinavia, and like to travel and see the world. As much as we enjoy laying on the beach and taking sun, we also like to get to know about the culture of the country; the history, people, arts and achitecture, food, flora and fauna.

Here you can explore our travels in Brazil, a round trip from Fortaleza, through Ubajara, Barnaíba, Jericoacoara and back. With us you'll get to know a bit of the North East of this beautiful land and the way life goes on there..

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Japan, Northeastern Brazil, Goa West India, Gambia West Africa, Canary Islands - Spain, Odessa Ukraine (Raija & Liisa), Southern Norway, Sweden - Stockholm, etc.

Digital Nature
is a place to stop by, too.

Have Fun!
Raija & Anne Jokisaari

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