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Seaside restaurants had them fresh and tasty.

 Warming the pan

Seafood connoisseurs will revel in the variety of fresh seafood dishes such as prawns or crabs stewed in coconut milk, Fish Caldine - fish in a mellow blend of coconut milk, mild spices and turmeric and Prawn Balchao - with its finger-licking red, spicy pickled base. Fresh fish is often served after being lightly grilled over wood fires, fired or baked in clay ovens with chilli paste stuffed into slits made on the sides.

Ready Vindaloo
The pork vindaloo (vindalho) was originally a pork stew, seasoned with wine (vinho) vinegar and garlic (alho). The extra hot and sour Goan variation has palm sap vinegar (toddy) with some local spices creating a tangy flavour. Vindaloo is also made with other meats and even prawns.

Curry spicies

Slicing vegetables

    Wonderful food

We really fell in love with the Goan and Indian food. If you forgot to say medium or mild, you might blow out fire, as many dishes had they share of spicies. You could have everything with vegetables or seafood, so we were in heaven, as we don't eat breed meat.

For variety we ate chinese, and tibetian and other national's food, but not once any western dinners.

Watch the cooking class video below:
[26 min, commentary in Finnish]

Making Caldin

Vindaloo spicies

Chicken or mutton xacuti is another spicy hot preparation guaranteed to bring tears to the eyes. It consists of chicken or meat pieces simmered in a spicy coconut curry embelished with lemon juice, chillies and spices. Chicken cafreal is a hot favourite among the locals beacuse of its spicy gravy.

Many kind of prawns were served at the chacks.

Making Chapati bread
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