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Chicken Yassa-Gambia style
2kg Chicken 
400 Grs shredded onion 
150 Grs butter 
4 big peppers or chilli (shredded) 
2 bay leaves, crushed pepper corn 
1 lemon 
4 cl chicken stock/water 

6 T Peanut butter
1/8th Habanero pepper
2 cups water
1 T tomato paste
1 Maggi cube
1 T lemon or lime juice
2 cloves garlic
    Kebbeh Kunda Benachin
1 bonga fish 
6 white fish 
2-4 onion 
pepper, black and red 
1 big Jumbo cube (bullion) 
1/4 cup tomato paste 
4 cups small grain rice 
1 1/2 cup oil 
bitter tomato 

Recipes of these dishes and directions how to cook them
      Food and reastaurants

The basis vegetable ingredients of many Gambian dishes are onions, sweet and bitter tomatoes, sweet potatoes, aubergine (Egg Plant), okra, spinach, green bananas and many other vegetables that are in season. Potatoes or rice are base of the meal.

Gambian dishes are spiced up by mixture of chilli peppers and finely ground black pepper. Ground nut oil and the reddy orange palm oil are used extensively.
Meat is used, like chicken, cow beef, goat (sheep), and some pork but as 90% of Gambians are Muslim, pork is less available.

Julbrew, the very own Gambian beer; tastes good and refreshing!
    Fresh fish is plentiful around the Atlantic coast, but dried and smoked fish is also everywhere, during their season the prawns are large and wonderfully flavoured and freshly caught each day. Oysters also make ingredient of the gambian dishes, mostly near by the river.

Fruits are seasonable; oranges, mangoes, bananas, pawpaw and coconuts.

We ate mostly near the hotel areas or the beach restaurants, food was good but a little mild for our tastes, as we appreciate spicy Indian and Chinese cuisine. Still, food in Finland is also mild and a lot similar to Gambian thinking, potatoes and meat make the basics of the dish. Fish was always available, so we were satisfied customers, as we don't eat industrial produced meat. Below are some pictures of our adventures in the different gambian restaurants, and a video with the ententainment by Kene - Amina - Tapha and Indian Taste , where we visited repeatedly.

A short video of our favourite Indian restaurant:

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