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Fortaleza Jericoacoara
Ubajara   Parnaiba
Places and the round trip

The tour of the northeastern Brazil took us to many places and we traveled by bus and to Jeri by ferries and jeeps. We spend 4 nights at Fortaleza, 2 nights at Ubajara, 2 nights at Parnaíba, 4 nights at Jericoacoara, and 2 nights at Fortaleza at the end of the trip.

We saw the Praias and museums of Fortaleza, by the mountains we visited the Ubajara National Park, with caves of stalactite and stalagmite formations, park of vegetation and beautiful town of Viçosa do Ceará near by. We explored the Sete Cidades, the nature built seven sandstone cities in the state of Piauí, one of the most important archeological sites of Brazil. We took a boat trip on the delta and river of Parnaíba and spend lazy days on the dunes of Jericoacoara.

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