Dolphins and whales

There are 28 species of whale and dolphin that either reside in or pass through Canarian waters. Pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins reside the south-west coast of Tenerife. Pilot whale is actually a dolphin, and you can see them in the pictures on the left. Rough Toothed dolphins are resident near La Gomera island. Sperm whales reside between Tenerife and Gran Canaria, and the other species pass through at various times of the year. You can take dolphin watching cruises from Puerto Cólon Marina on the a glass bottom catamarans.

Over 12 years Atlantic Whale Foundation has worked for the research, educational and conservation programmes and initiatives. They campaign for the conservation issues like global extinction, captivity and hunting. The dolphin watching community of Tenerife is committed to the idea that ordinary individuals should be able to see nature at its very best. And by watching people will learn to both value and appreciate the environment.

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Teneriffa - La Gomera