We are ladies from Finland, Scandinavia, and like to travel and see the world.

Here you can explore our travels in three Canarian Islands: Tenerife, La gomera and Gran Canaria. Apart from being popular tourist places for the sun and beaches, they have very interesting geological and ecological attractions as well. They all are volcanic islands and have some unique flora and fauna, which go back to the Tertiary age (over 2 million years ago) and are endemic to the islands. And they have protected natural areas that are UNESCO's World Heritage Sites...

You can also follow our adventures in:
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Japan, Northeastern Brazil, Goa West India, Gambia West Africa, Canary Islands - Spain, Odessa Ukraine (Raija & Liisa), Southern Norway, Sweden - Stockholm, etc. 

Digital Nature Travelsite is a place to stop by, too.

Have Fun!
Raija & Anne Jokisaari
Teneriffa - La Gomera